COVARTIM is a Medical Devices development company. We provide engineering and consulting services to support innovators, start-ups and SME’s in their business growth from the early stages of product development to the market access.

We offer a flexible and hands-on approach. Our experts are ready to step into your project at every steps of the development of your MD : R&D, manufacturing, verification & validation, QA/RA, product management, business development.

Through key partnerships with renowned companies, we also provide access to expertise and infrastructure for prototyping, manufacturing and testing.



At, we master your growth through expertise, tools and methods which are already deployed in more than 15 SMEs. To that end, our team advises high potential SMEs on their strategies, processes, reporting alignments and by matching the strengths of your business to available opportunities.

Our approach is based on data accuracy to improve your processes and to follow the strategy implementation. Our part-time CFO, COO and our shared-support department (finance, admin, HR, supply chain, …) have the goal to create economies of scale for our customers and to share expertise/experience between SMEs.

David De Backer