Private individual

Big ideas are not the sole preserve of the multinationals. We therefore attach as much importance and care to the tasks you entrust to us as we do to those for our larger clients. We are aware that your needs and resources are different and we therefore endeavor to respond differently.

The following are some key points in our approach:

First meeting of around an hour free of charge

  • to enable us to gain an overview of your project, your wishes and your resources
  • to enable us to offer you a personalized initial approach and also an estimated budget, with no obligation
  • and, of course, to enable us to answer any questions you may have

Clear, precise language

  •  as the language of the intellectual property world is very specialized, we endeavor, as far as possible, to speak to you in your own language

Personal coach

  • a single member of our team will take care of all the IP aspects of your project, from start to finish
  • he/she can also advise you concerning aspects that are not strictly the remit of IP
  • for further details on what we are able to offer, see our services section


  •  we endeavor to respond to your questions as quickly as possible; you can therefore get directly in touch with your contact who will undoubtedly become your first point of call

Competitive rates and transparent costs

  • we provide you in advance with cost estimates for the completion of each important step so that you can avoid nasty surprises and make your choices in full knowledge of the facts
  • our invoices are detailed and indicate the various components of each service we provide (attorney fees, official fees, expenses, other disbursements)

Peace of mind

  • although you will need to be actively involved in order to satisfactorily follow all the procedures and to give us your instructions in due course, rest assured that we will take care of everything else