The firm

The firm in brief

  • We are a firm of intellectual property consultants specializing in patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, domain names.
  • Our patent attorneys are registered with the Belgian (OPRI) and European (EPO) Patent Offices, as well as with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
    Our patent team comprises experts in chemistry,  biotechnology,  physics, electronics, IT and mechanical engineering.
  • Our trademark and design attorneys are registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) and with the European Union Office for Intellectual Property (EUIPO).
    Our trademark and design team comprises experts in IP law and practice.
  • Our extensive experience is put to work in the service of multinationals, SMEs, universities, research institutes and individual inventors or creators.


Our ambition is that the companies around us become the leaders in their field on the basis of their innovations.



Our mission is to create for our clients exclusive rights that generate value and stimulate innovation.

To that end, we advise, assist and represent our clients in every aspect of intellectual property, particularly with a view to the acquisition, enforcement and exploitation of their patents, trademarks and designs.



Making a commitment means voluntarily placing our resources in the service of a cause.
We feel personally involved in everything we undertake, we seize the initiative and set ourselves the target of achieving the best result.


Our profession requires expertise, rigor, integrity, and discretion.
We aim to achieve professional excellence in every sphere.
Furthermore, we adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Professional Representatives.


We encourage curiosity and openmindedness in order to enable us to push the boundaries.
We take a genuine interest in our clients and in their projects and objectives, so that we can better meet and even surpass their expectations.


First and foremost, as a company we are people in the service of other people.
We respect all those with whom we interact.