University / Research institute

For a number of years we have had a close relationship with a number of renowned universities, principally in Belgium but also abroad, either directly or through their Technology Transfer Offices (TTO).

This has enabled us to acquire specialist experience with those in the world of scientific research of which you are part. We are therefore in a position to offer you tailor-made services.

The following are some of the keypoints of our offer:

Team of specialists

We have a team of specialists at your disposal who are as well-versed in your specific field of activity, as they are in that of intellectual property law, so that:

  • they can rapidly understand your innovation and ascertain its essential points
  • they can acquire and defend your rights beyond purely formal aspects while calling upon all our technical, scientific and legal expertise.

Personal coach

  • a single member of our team will take care of all the IP aspects of your project, from start to finish
  • he/she can also advise you concerning aspects that are not strictly the remit of IP
  • for further details on what we are able to offer, see our services section

Competitive rates and transparent costs

  • we provide you in advance with cost estimates for the completion of each important step so that you can avoid nasty surprises and make your choices in full knowledge of the facts
  • our invoices are detailed and indicate the various components of each service we provide (attorney fees, official fees, expenses, other disbursements)