Domain Names


This is the electronic address of your website, namely a unique reference identifying you on internet. It is made of the combination of a domain name together with an extension. This extension refers to a country or to a generic word (, .net, .bizz…). The domain name may be composed from letters, numerals or special characters.

It exists, since recently, numerous new extensions which might have an interest for you. Ask for information!

Who may be the owner?

The applicant may be:
•  an individual
•  a company
•  several individuals or companies (co-ownership)

Watch regularly the situation on the internet in order to avoid that third parties (ill-intentioned or not…) register your name or your trademark as a domain name in extensions you have not applied for.


It is necessary to opt for the extension you want to use. Most of the time, Belgian  companies will choose a .be or a .com or a .eu. It is advisable to also register the domain  name in other countries where you have (or will have soon) an activity.


•  it aims at distinguishing someone in the virtual world,
•  it may be used for the internet site,
•  it often corresponds to a trademark or a company name or a trade name and may be used to designate products and/or services on the net.

Your domain name is your business card on internet, do not overlook it!


Through a simple reservation with a domain name provider, on the basis of the fol-lowing principle « first come, first served »!

How much?

Costs for domain names include our professional fees and registration (or renewal) fees. Those latter are usually not very high (with the exception of some exotic coun-tries). They may sometimes be reduced if they are paid directly for numerous years.

We provide you with detailed quotations, upon request.

Duration ?

A domain name is to be renewed every year.