Valorisation and optimisation

Financial advise

In addition to the technical and legal aspects of IP rights, our specialists are also in a position to inform and advise you concerning their financial aspects.
In Belgium, for example, the Regions offer substantial financial assistance to companies wishing to acquire patents.
Besides, the proprietor may benefit from an extremely advantageous tax arrangement on the income deriving from a patent application, provided that a patent is finally granted.
We can currently offer you a full range of this type of “first-line” advice, relating, for example, to such tax advantages and/or financial assistance. If necessary, we can likewise put you in touch with experts in the field in the event of more specialist issues.

IP rights valuation

Our attorneys may proceed with such an assessment, either for the purchaser or for the vendor or they may introduce you to external experts for more specialist issues.

Due diligence, strategic and administrative audits

A preliminary audit prior to a merger or acquisition operation generally comprises a component relating to the target’s intellectual property.
This evaluation can be undertaken by our experts, either from the purchaser’s side or from the vendor’s side, in order to assess the value of the portfolio, the chances of success for the various pending applications, the soundness of granted patents, de-signs and trademarks, and whether the IP portfolio is appropriate to corporate strat-egy.

Licences and contracts

Aiming at valorizing your IP rights, you may conclude agreements with third parties (licence agreements, assignments, exploitation of know-how, non-disclosure agreements…).

We mays assist you in writing or reviewing those contracts.